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"Alteration Meaning"

What is the meaning of Alteration in English? What Alteration means? How do you use the word Alteration? What is another word for Alteration? What is the opposite of Alteration?

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Word Example of - Alteration

Example Sentences for alteration

They had done their best; nothing more was possible in the way of addition or alteration—for good or ill the die was cast.

It is not a matter of decency, of alteration or improvement in manners.

The colour will not be subject to any alteration when the distance and the quality of air have a reciprocal proportion.

Though La Salle related to us all his calamities, yet never did I remark in him the least alteration.

Besides the alteration that two years sometimes makes in a man, Jasper had made a considerable alteration on himself.

"But the dress may need some alteration," persisted Madeleine.

This necessarily results in the alteration or omission of these features, and hence arise many modifications of original forms.

The king knew of nothing that could have produced such an alteration.

And a genuine improvement in domestic service can only come about by an alteration in its conditions.

Schwann then varied his experimental argument, with no alteration in the result.

Word Origin & History of - Alteration


The Definition of - Alteration (noun)

    the act or process of altering; the state of being altered:
    Alteration will improve the dress.
    a change; modification or adjustment:
    There has been an alteration in our plans.