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"Animate Meaning"

What is the meaning of Animate in English? What Animate means? How do you use the word Animate? What is another word for Animate? What is the opposite of Animate?

Similar Words: animaters, animater, animatenesses, animateness, animately, animatedly, animated-cartoon, animated movies, animated movie

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Word Example of - Animate

Example Sentences for animate

His name and memory were all that was left to animate us through the difficulties that were yet before us.

The animate tools are slaves, who have souls, but not like those of their masters.

They took the torch with them, and as they moved up the corridor the darkness slunk behind them like an animate thing.

The animate forms that first appeared were therefore of extreme simplicity.

The object gazed at may be inanimate or animate, but he sees not its natural form; his adored deity appears in everything.

For us, these words, animate and inanimate, convey but slight difference in meaning.

Lady Everton need not in that case seek to animate my zeal by promises of money recompense.

It was an animate statue to the excellence of good, clean living.

Almost worn out with the unequal battle it began to dawn upon her that she was really endeavoring to animate the other body.

No sound escaped her lips; no thought for herself or for others seemed to animate her.

Word Origin & History of - Animate

    Word Origin & History

    animate 1530s, "to fill with boldness or courage,"from L. animatus pp. of animare "give breath to," also "to endow with a particular spirit, to give courage to," from anima "life, breath" (see animus). The adj. meaning "alive" is from c.1600.

The Synonym of - Animate (verb)

The Definition of - Animate (verb)

    verb (used with object), animated, animating.
    to give life to; make alive:
    God animated the dust.
    to make lively, vivacious, or vigorous; give zest or spirit to:
    Her presence animated the party.
    to fill with courage or boldness; encourage:
    to animate weary troops.
    to move or stir to action; motivate:
    He was animated by religious zeal.
    to give motion to:
    leaves animated by a breeze.
    to render or produce (a story, character, movie, etc.) by using animation: to animate a children's story; to animate the characters in a video game;
    an animated film.
    alive; possessing life:
    animate creatures.
    an animate expression of joy.
    of or relating to animal life.
    able to move voluntarily.
    Linguistics. belonging to a syntactic category or having a semantic feature that is characteristic of words denoting beings regarded as having perception and volition (opposed to inanimate).