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"Antagonism Meaning"

What is the meaning of Antagonism in English? What Antagonism means? How do you use the word Antagonism? What is another word for Antagonism? What is the opposite of Antagonism?

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Word Example of - Antagonism

Example Sentences for antagonism

In part this antagonism of classes is merely the result of difference in manners.

He had no thought of encroaching upon the lands of the Indians, or of erecting any forts in antagonism to them.

Scarcely had the two men met, before they found themselves in antagonism.

In Robert's mind there had arisen a sudden passion of antagonism.

This has intensified and called out many of the worst features of antagonism and inequality.

She is painfully conscious of an acute sensation of antagonism and dislike.

Not a few openly avowed themselves converted to antagonism; the rest needed only a slight stimulus to make a similar avowal.

He felt no antagonism toward them, no desire to attack or slay.

Ecclesiasticism and commercialism, antagonism between, 134-136.

Not unmoved, indeed, but always with a spirit of antagonism.

Word Origin & History of - Antagonism

    Word Origin & History

    antagonism 1838, from Gk. antagonisma, noun of action from antagonizesthai "to struggle against" (see antagonist).

The Definition of - Antagonism (noun)

    an active hostility or opposition, as between unfriendly or conflicting groups:
    the antagonism between the liberal and the conservative parties.
    an opposing force, principle, or tendency:
    Her plan to become an actress met with the antagonism of her family.
    Physiology. an opposing action, as by one muscle in relation to another.
    Biochemistry, Pharmacology. the opposing action of substances, as drugs, that when taken together decrease the effectiveness of at least one of them (contrasted with synergism).
    1. a relationship between two species of organisms in which the individuals of each species adversely affect the other, as in competition.
    2. the inhibition of the growth of one type of organism by a different type that is competing for the same ecological niche.