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"Appendage Meaning"

What is the meaning of Appendage in English? What Appendage means? How do you use the word Appendage? What is another word for Appendage? What is the opposite of Appendage?

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Word Example of - Appendage

Example Sentences for appendage

The broad thin "appendage" figured may have been a fragment of a thoracic segment.

An appendage is that which hangs to something as a part of it.

Under these conditions, one end of the appendage harmonizes with the lantern and the other end with the wall.

The subject is a great one and cannot be adequately treated as an appendage to another.

A recurving ridge, however, which has an appendage connected with it in the line of flow cannot be construed as a circuit.

This appendage, there can be no doubt, originated with the basilicas of Italy.

This appendage is often found to measure eighteen inches in length!

Did it ever occur to you that it must be disagreeable to Watch to have such an appendage to his tail?

This appendage, by moving from side to side, propelled them forward.

Simple, Simplex: without process, armature, or appendage of any kind.

Word Origin & History of - Appendage

    Word Origin & History

    appendage 1640s, from append (q.v.).

The Definition of - Appendage (noun)

    a subordinate part attached to something; an auxiliary part; addition.
    Anatomy, Zoology. any member of the body diverging from the axial trunk.
    Botany, Mycology. any subsidiary part superadded to another part.
    a person in a subordinate or dependent position, especially a servile or parasitic follower.