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"Avoid Meaning"

What is the meaning of Avoid in English? What Avoid means? How do you use the word Avoid? What is another word for Avoid? What is the opposite of Avoid?

Similar Words: avoidupois, avoids the issue, avoids risk, avoids issue, avoids, avoidment, avoidless, avoiding the issue, avoiding risk

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Word Example of - Avoid

Example Sentences for avoid

The married couple should, therefore, avoid everything which may rupture this link.

So we resolved to sleep at the Grosvenor, but to avoid the apple tart.

I come to you in preference, on purpose to avoid sermonising.

He will also, when hard-pressed, take the most desperate leaps to avoid his foes.

The laws of the Pentateuch directed them to avoid contact with heathens.

To avoid a scene I went with her, and I understand that we were married.

It may be exciting, or you may just happen to avoid what difficulties there are.

La Salle, to avoid surprise, entered the village in military array.

A simple matter—one, I dare say, which it will seem to you difficult to avoid.

Avoid backbiting and flattering; refrain from malice, and bragging.

Word Origin & History of - Avoid

    Word Origin & History

    avoid c.1300, from Anglo-Fr. avoider "to clear out, withdraw (oneself)," from O.Fr. esvuidier "to empty out," from es- "out" + vuidier "to be empty," from voide "empty, vast, wide, hollow, waste" (see void). Originally a law term; modern sense of "have nothing to do with" also was in M.E. and corresponds to O.Fr. eviter with which it was perhaps confused. Meaning "escape, evade" first attested 1520s.

The Definition of - Avoid (verb)

    verb (used with object)
    to keep away from; keep clear of; shun:
    to avoid a person; to avoid taxes; to avoid danger.
    to prevent from happening:
    to avoid falling.
    Law. to make void or of no effect; invalidate.
    Obsolete. to empty; eject or expel.