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"Baseless Meaning"

What is the meaning of Baseless in English? What Baseless means? How do you use the word Baseless? What is another word for Baseless? What is the opposite of Baseless?

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Word Example of - Baseless

Example Sentences for baseless

It is considered "smart" by those who mistake denunciation and abuse for wit, and baseless assumption for truth.

Like the baseless fabric of a vision Left not a wrack behind.

He again dismisses the widely accepted theory of a period of gloom and increasing pessimism as baseless.

But my fears that their mental suggestions might obsess her were baseless.

The whole of the propositions following the first are so built upon it, that if it fails they are baseless.

This is the most baseless hallucination that ever visited the brain of a genial optimist.

You have proved to me that your love for Adolphus, in the abstract, is as baseless and unsubstantial.

They have often been compared; but it is a baseless comparison.

But on gently pushing the door open I found at once that my fears were baseless.

Were not all my hopes and beliefs as baseless as the stuff of which dreams are made?

Word Origin & History of - Baseless

    Word Origin & History

    baseless c.1600, from base (n.) + -less.

The Definition of - Baseless (adj)

    having no base; without foundation; groundless:
    a baseless claim.