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"Brave Meaning"

What is the meaning of Brave in English? What Brave means? How do you use the word Brave? What is another word for Brave? What is the opposite of Brave?

Similar Words: braves, bravery, bravers, braveries, braver, braveness, bravely, bravehearted, Braveheart

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Word Example of - Brave

Example Sentences for brave

It did do good, and his brave patience made us remember him long after he was gone.

There was no lack of followers among the brave American tars.

And yet our Esther is a heroine—capable, energetic, brave, and patriotic.

"I bring you greeting from our brave general, Gomez," he exclaimed in Spanish.

There was no necessity for her to brave the crowd at the window in order to purchase a ticket.

Hurd could not but admire the brave way in which she faced the terrible situation.

Thus fought and died these brave militiamen of the southern hills.

“He is brave; I am glad he remains unharmed,” said Kaupepee.

Well, he believed as Palmer did, that all is well with the soul of a brave man.

But it seems she was a brave body, and with a head for business.

Word Origin & History of - Brave

    Word Origin & History of Brave

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The Definition of - Brave (adj)

    adjective, braver, bravest.
    possessing or exhibiting courage or courageous endurance.
    making a fine appearance.
    Archaic. excellent; fine; admirable.
    a brave person.
    a warrior, especially among North American Indian tribes.
    1. a bully.
    2. a boast or challenge.
    verb (used with object), braved, braving.
    to meet or face courageously:
    to brave misfortunes.
    to defy; challenge; dare.
    Obsolete. to make splendid.
    verb (used without object), braved, braving.
    Obsolete. to boast; brag.