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"Brutal Meaning"

What is the meaning of Brutal in English? What Brutal means? How do you use the word Brutal? What is another word for Brutal? What is the opposite of Brutal?

Similar Words: brutally, brutalizing, brutalizes, brutalized, brutalize, brutalizations, brutalization, brutality, brutalities

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Word Example of - Brutal

Example Sentences for brutal

We are not on the brutal subject of prize-fighting, we are on chivalry.

But it was for Bessie Stuart, fallen into the hands of these brutal men.

After all that Elizabeth has been to him, that speech is the speech of a brutal and ungrateful nature.

It was a brutal speech, certainly, but any other man in my place would have made it.

We humans may or may not be brutal, but life is certainly more stimulating when there is an execution in the air.

He understood what havoc might be wrought by the brutal senselessness of the struggle.

And Mr. Belcher laughed a brutal laugh that rasped Mrs. Dillingham's sensibilities almost beyond endurance.

In the stress of his despair and resentment he was brutal rather than considerate.

Agnes was horrified to hear such a brutal question propounded to her in the coolest and most business-like manner.

They are keen, thrifty traders, and as brutal in their instincts as they are keen.

Word Origin & History of - Brutal

    Word Origin & History

    brutal mid-15c., in reference to the nature of animals, from L. brutus (see brute) + -al (1). Of persons, "fierce," 1640s. Related: Brutally.

The Definition of - Brutal (adj)

    savage; cruel; inhuman:
    a brutal attack on the village.
    crude; coarse:
    brutal language.
    harsh; ferocious:
    brutal criticism; brutal weather.
    taxing, demanding, or exhausting:
    They're having a brutal time making ends meet.
    irrational; unreasoning.
    of or relating to lower animals.