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"Conflicting Meaning"

What is the meaning of Conflicting in English? What Conflicting means? How do you use the word Conflicting? What is another word for Conflicting? What is the opposite of Conflicting?

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Word Example of - Conflicting

Example Sentences for conflicting

Ah, Monsieur, I am so torn by these conflicting states of mind that what wonder my guardians think me changed!

Leander strode down the street in a whirl of conflicting emotions.

These conflicting thoughts agitated me during the entire day, and I knew not what to decide on.

Throughout this day reports often contradictory and conflicting reached me.

All at once a sound broke across the hot flights of her conflicting fancies.

Then follows a description of the water in the conflicting channels.

Civil wars in the tropics, as a rule, have their origin in conflicting interests of people remote from the field of battle.

On the 28th of April, after a week of conflicting rumours, we heard that Kut had fallen.

Such consciousness as it possesses is that of being helplessly at the mercy of conflicting economic forces.

And he came away, his face pale with conflicting emotions, and told us!

Word Origin & History of - Conflicting

    Word Origin & History

    conflict c.1430, from L. conflictus, pp. of confligere "to strike together," from com- "together" + fligere "to strike" (see afflict). The noun also dates from mid-15c. Psychological sense of "incompatible urges in one person" is from 1859 (hence conflicted, pp. adj.); Phrase conflict of interest was in use by 1743.

The Definition of - Conflicting (|A )

    being in conflict or disagreement; not compatible:
    conflicting viewpoints.