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"Contiguous Meaning"

What is the meaning of Contiguous in English? What Contiguous means? How do you use the word Contiguous? What is another word for Contiguous? What is the opposite of Contiguous?

Similar Words: contiguousness, contiguously, contiguous to

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Word Example of - Contiguous

Example Sentences for contiguous

Through this fall much damage was done to the contiguous residences and other property.

They are all contiguous to the villages from which they derive their names.

Some true fissure-veins exist, but more irregular deposits, and both lead and dry ores occur, often in contiguous claims.

Their destination was a large table plain, contiguous to that on which we had encamped.

I glared around at the contiguous Bedouins, but they all looked disinterestedly guilty.

You have the same propension, that I have, in favour of what is contiguous above what is remote.

Having been comrades in arms they desired to occupy a block of contiguous lots.

All the farm-buildings were contiguous and occupied the three sides of the yard.

It is an urban district together with contiguous rural territory.

Contiguous to the little theatre, the house of a sculptor has been cleared.

Word Origin & History of - Contiguous

    Word Origin & History

    contiguous 1610s, from L. contiguus "bordering upon," from base of contingere "to touch upon" (see contact). Earlier form, now obs., was contiguate (mid-15c.).

The Definition of - Contiguous (adjective)

    touching; in contact.
    in close proximity without actually touching; near.
    adjacent in time:
    contiguous events.