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"Crusty Meaning"

What is the meaning of Crusty in English? What Crusty means? How do you use the word Crusty? What is another word for Crusty? What is the opposite of Crusty?

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Word Example of - Crusty

Example Sentences for crusty

Philip Staines had a large house in Cavendish Square, a crusty old patient, like himself, had left him.

"So you just be off, or I'll call the police," the crusty doorkeeper said.

He was a crusty old fellow, the King of Mars, and nothing delighted him so much as to stir up trouble.

In the morning make into a loaf and put in a crusty bread pan.

The old Keeper of the Bodleian was a crusty bachelor, who liked nothing young but calf, and preferred morocco to that.

They were peevish, crusty, silent, eying nothing in particular and moving their feet.

He hardly tasted his breakfast, and was too crusty and cross to be safely addressed by any member of his family.

She conquered a crusty old woman, who was soured to all the world.

When the day is cold and snow is crusty, stay at home, for you will get no fox but plenty of exercise.

The combatants neared the door behind which Crusty was ensconced.

Word Origin & History of - Crusty

    Word Origin & History

    crusty c.1400, from crust. Figurative use, of persons, "short-tempered," is from 1560s.

The Definition of - Crusty (adjective)

    adjective, crustier, crustiest.
    having a crisp or thick crust:
    a loaf of crusty French bread.
    of the nature of or resembling a crust.
    harsh; surly; rude:
    a crusty remark.