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"Deceased Meaning"

What is the meaning of Deceased in English? What Deceased means? How do you use the word Deceased? What is another word for Deceased? What is the opposite of Deceased?

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Word Example of - Deceased

Example Sentences for deceased

A man in shirt sleeves walked in front, carrying a tray with the funeral food of the deceased.

He lived in chambers which had once belonged to his deceased partner.

The prisoner was aware that the deceased had gone to the mill, which is situated a mile and a half from the town.

If a slave killed a man, he was to be given up to the relatives of the deceased.

Mr. Melton was next examined, to prove the identity of the deceased.

He married Jacintha, and Josephine set them up in Bigot's, (deceased) auberge.

Fred, then about fifteen years old, was taken at the appraised value of $400 by a son of the deceased Reel.

He alleged he had dropped it in lifting the unfortunate remains of the deceased.

The superstition required the suspected party to touch the neck of the deceased with the index finger of the left hand.

He could recognize some former companions who now were deceased.

Word Origin & History of - Deceased

    Word Origin & History

    deceased late 15c., pp. adj. from decease (q.v.). Meaning "dead person, those who are dead," from early 17c.

The Definition of - Deceased (adjective)

    no longer living; dead.
    the deceased.
    1. the particular dead person or persons referred to.
    2. dead persons collectively:
      to speak well of the deceased.