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"Defunct Meaning"

What is the meaning of Defunct in English? What Defunct means? How do you use the word Defunct? What is another word for Defunct? What is the opposite of Defunct?

Similar Words: defunctness, defunctive, defunctions, defunctionalize, defunctionalization, defunction

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Word Example of - Defunct

Example Sentences for defunct

This, metaphorically understood, would infer that a new and stronger passion rose from the ashes of the old and defunct one.

Your bank might be defunct before the end of the sixth game.

My poor dear Arabella was fond of him, but he presumes on that defunct angel's partiality.

I do not think it necessary that our sons should study these defunct tongues.

Azora praised the defunct, but confessed that he had many faults from which Cador was exempt.

The wonder of it was my magnificent resemblance to the defunct.

A few years ago a list of defunct securities was compiled, and it took two large volumes in which to enumerate them.

Nevertheless, the appearance of the defunct threw my mind into a ferment.

If these defunct soldier-monks did not leave ghosts behind them, the power of such spirits after death must be effete.

The defunct left money to endow masses, and also for the Htel-Dieu.

Word Origin & History of - Defunct

    Word Origin & History

    defunct 1540s, from L. defunctus "dead," lit. "off-duty," from pp. of defungi "to discharge, finish," from de- "off, completely," + fungi "perform or discharge duty."

The Definition of - Defunct (adj)

    no longer in effect or use; not operating or functioning:
    a defunct law; a defunct organization.
    no longer in existence; dead; extinct:
    a defunct person; a defunct tribe of Indians.
    the defunct, the dead person referred to:
    the survivors of the defunct.