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"Detached Meaning"

What is the meaning of Detached in English? What Detached means? How do you use the word Detached? What is another word for Detached? What is the opposite of Detached?

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Word Example of - Detached

Example Sentences for detached

To Miss Grantham's detached and philosophic mind this conclusion, when she reflected on it, seemed extremely sound.

The ornaments, from their position, seemed to have been detached from the head when deposited there.

It is found in large, detached masses of fine quality, five or six feet below the surface of the ground.

She was not curious, being used to seeing him look so detached.

In later days this was the kitchen, but in olden times the kitchen was a detached building, and the slaves slept in the loft.

The remaining pieces are detached statues of Fortitude and Faith.

It detached the enemy from his base as a sponge is torn from a rock, and left him ringed about with fire in that pitiless plain.

The Phoenix detached a canteen from the Scientist's belt and took a deep swig.

In the same way he detached a morsel of congealed butter that clung pertinaciously to the end of his bashfully retreating nose.

But a brick yielded at last, and with trembling fingers I detached it.

Word Origin & History of - Detached

    Word Origin & History

    detach 1680s, from Fr. détacher, from O.Fr. destachier, from des- "apart" + attachier "attach" (see attach).

The Definition of - Detached (adj)

    not attached; separated:
    a detached ticket stub.
    having no wall in common with another building (opposed to attached):
    a detached house.
    impartial or objective; disinterested; unbiased:
    a detached judgment.
    not involved or concerned; aloof.