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"Detestation Meaning"

What is the meaning of Detestation in English? What Detestation means? How do you use the word Detestation? What is another word for Detestation? What is the opposite of Detestation?

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Word Example of - Detestation

Example Sentences for detestation

Sometimes his family almost worship him, while thousands speak his name with detestation.

He was the admiration of all the mothers, and the detestation of all their sons.

The unresisting acquiescence of the Acadians only deepens his detestation of the cupidity and religious bigotry of their spoilers.

The detestation of the people for the British can hardly be conceived.

The emigrant royalists who had taken refuge there ostentatiously displayed their detestation of the democratic prince.

For once, the music of her voice was lost in a discordant cry of detestation.

Pet also was stirred with the detestation of sin in orderly people that actuates disorderly people.

Thirdly, that they are never set forth as the objects of ridicule, but detestation.

And she would have blushed in the attempt to explain why; it would have revealed a detestation of her lot.

Detestation of the high is the involuntary homage of the low.

Word Origin & History of - Detestation

    Word Origin & History

    detestation mid-15c., from Fr. détestation (14c.), from L. detestationem (nom. detestatio), from detestatus, pp. of detestari (see detest).

The Synonym of - Detestation (noun)

The Definition of - Detestation (noun)

    abhorrence; hatred.
    a person or thing detested.