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"Devoted Meaning"

What is the meaning of Devoted in English? What Devoted means? How do you use the word Devoted? What is another word for Devoted? What is the opposite of Devoted?

Similar Words: devotedness, devotedly, devoted to, devoted oneself to, devoted oneself, devoted friends, devoted friend

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Word Example of - Devoted

Example Sentences for devoted

Well, if she's devoted doesn't that make another friend for you?

The first three days of the investigation were to be devoted to inspecting the dam.

The care of her two children, to whom she was devoted, occupied her seriously.

Captain Ringgold devoted himself especially to the governor.

My dear child, Mr. Sydney is such a good man, and so devoted to you.

"The Tinkham Brothers" were the devoted sons of an invalid mother.

Another is devoted to surimono; still another, to pillar-prints.

They were devoted to her, but their love lacked all element of admiration.

He had a great army, devoted 113 to him and ready to follow him in any adventure.

An examination of its text will show how largely it was devoted to Emma's subjugation.

Word Origin & History of - Devoted

    Word Origin & History

    devoted 1590s, "set apart by a vow," pp. adj. from devote. Meaning "characterized by devotion" is from c.1600.

The Definition of - Devoted (adj)

    zealous or ardent in attachment, loyalty, or affection:
    a devoted friend.