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"Dictatorial Meaning"

What is the meaning of Dictatorial in English? What Dictatorial means? How do you use the word Dictatorial? What is another word for Dictatorial? What is the opposite of Dictatorial?

Similar Words: dictatorially, dictatorialism

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Word Example of - Dictatorial

Example Sentences for dictatorial

Let it not be supposed that her temper was either sour or dictatorial.

It is the work of a cold, calculating, and dictatorial nature.

He prescribes with dictatorial omniscience what is good, what is bad, what should be practised and what avoided.

For, at sixteen, a girl cannot fast for long, and country air is dictatorial.

If you find her refractory, be patient and persuasive, instead of dictatorial.

She was a lean, yellow, dictatorial young person with no conversation.

None but the pushing and the dictatorial were ever overlooked.

But she was harsh-looking, had a harsh voice, and was dictatorial.

The light of its chambers had fled, the gross grandeur of the dictatorial towers oppressed him, and the studio was hateful.

I was not much pleased with the dictatorial tone of this remark.

Word Origin & History of - Dictatorial

    Word Origin & History

    dictatorial 1701, from dictator.

The Definition of - Dictatorial (adjective)

    of or relating to a dictator or dictatorship.
    appropriate to, or characteristic of, a dictator; absolute; unlimited:
    dictatorial powers in wartime.
    inclined to dictate or command; imperious; overbearing:
    a dictatorial attitude.