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"Dreadful Meaning"

What is the meaning of Dreadful in English? What Dreadful means? How do you use the word Dreadful? What is another word for Dreadful? What is the opposite of Dreadful?

Similar Words: dreadfulnesses, dreadfulness, dreadfully

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Word Example of - Dreadful

Example Sentences for dreadful

The Count, it appeared, was a monster of jealousy—he had led her a dreadful life.

He has been growing worse lately and any excitement is dreadful for him.

“It wasn't so dreadful what I did,” she muttered, to reinstate herself.

For three dreadful weeks he ran it in agony or apprehension.

And there's that dreadful speech he is going to give to-morrow.

It will be dreadful, of course, but then, no one ever expects them to be otherwise.

No person ever discovered the means by which he placarded his dreadful challenge.

Oh, mamma,” exclaimed Sophia, “how can you say anything so dreadful?

A dreadful storm is on the main, and our ship is like a leaf in the winds.

Now it sounds like the dreadful roar of the jaguar as it springs on its prey.

Word Origin & History of - Dreadful

    Word Origin & History

    dreadful early 13c., "full of dread," from dread + -ful. Meaning "causing dread" is from mid-13c.; weakened sense of "very bad" is from mid-18c. Related: Dreadfully.

The Definition of - Dreadful (adj)

    causing great dread, fear, or terror; terrible:
    a dreadful storm.
    inspiring awe or reverence.
    extremely bad, unpleasant, or ugly:
    dreadful cooking; a dreadful hat.
    noun, British.
    a periodical given to highly sensational matter.