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"Expeditious Meaning"

What is the meaning of Expeditious in English? What Expeditious means? How do you use the word Expeditious? What is another word for Expeditious? What is the opposite of Expeditious?

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Word Example of - Expeditious

Example Sentences for expeditious

But his chief subsistence was the cattle which he seized; and his cookery was as expeditious as all his other operations.

Exiles are expeditious in their return to their native country.

I soon became at least as expeditious and as skilful with my hands as either of the other boys.

The route by Alexandria and Suez, they all tell me, is the best and most expeditious.

At the best of times the procedure of the Court was not expeditious.

Where many stocks are kept, it is advisable to be as expeditious as possible.

By pulping, which operation is performed in pulping engines or beaters, the washing is expeditious and thorough.

The intendant thinks calf will be the most expeditious covering.

I tried to be expeditious; but the memory of my railway adventure haunted me.

However, country trains are not of that expeditious character.

Word Origin & History of - Expeditious

    Word Origin & History

    expeditious late 15c., expedycius "useful, fitting," from L. expeditus, pp. of expidere (see expedite). Meaning "speedy" is from 1590s. Related: Expeditiously.

The Definition of - Expeditious (adj)

    characterized by promptness; quick:
    an expeditious answer to an inquiry.