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"Fashionable Meaning"

What is the meaning of Fashionable in English? What Fashionable means? How do you use the word Fashionable? What is another word for Fashionable? What is the opposite of Fashionable?

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Word Example of - Fashionable

Example Sentences for fashionable

Who will say that the fashionable public school was of no use to me after that?

The fashionable matron may feel some degree of exultation as she regards the splendor of her newly furnished reception-room.

This was the centre of the fashionable residence district in the old days, and the walk along the north side was the "Beaux Walk."

If he only understood the turns and tricks of fashionable life.

We dont seem to be moving into the fashionable quarter, monsieur, said Bertrand.

Nor were fashionable methods of cooking them much more to be desired.

She, herself, was rather gorgeous in a shot-silk gown and a fashionable bonnet crowded with flowers.

On the other hand, the fashionable Delilah story was a brilliant invention.

Now as you see by this card, she has established a fashionable children's shop in your Paris.

It is the most fashionable, and at the same time the most attractive, of the German watering-places.

Word Origin & History of - Fashionable

    Word Origin & History

    fashionable "stylish," c.1600, from fashion + -able.

The Definition of - Fashionable (adj)

    observant of or conforming to the fashion; stylish:
    a fashionable young woman.
    of, characteristic of, used, or patronized by the world of fashion:
    a fashionable shop.
    current; popular:
    a fashionable topic of conversation.
    a fashionable person.