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"Fellowship Meaning"

What is the meaning of Fellowship in English? What Fellowship means? How do you use the word Fellowship? What is another word for Fellowship? What is the opposite of Fellowship?

Similar Words: fellowshipping, fellowshipped, fellowshiping, fellowshiped

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Word Example of - Fellowship

Example Sentences for fellowship

Sometimes he speaks of the "bond of brotherhood" and "fellowship."

I have an imagination which makes vivid the sense of fellowship.

But they have risen into fellowship with the higher Gods of Olympus.

If we walk in the light, not otherwise, we have 'fellowship one with another.'

And blessed are the men whom he calls to fellowship with him, bearing their cross after him with patience.

It lifts us up into fellowship with Him who thus speaks to us.

In the year after he had taken his degree he was elected to a Fellowship at Trinity College.

No boy living will resent the fellowship of the right kind of father.

Were my brother here to-day, I think he would stretch out to you the right hand, not of forgiveness, but of fellowship.

During this year there have been received into fellowship 66.

Word Origin & History of - Fellowship

    Word Origin & History

    fellowship c.1200, from fellow + -ship. In M.E. it was at times a euphemism for "sexual intercourse" (carnal fellowship).

The Definition of - Fellowship (noun)

    the condition or relation of being a fellow:
    the fellowship of humankind.
    friendly relationship; companionship:
    the fellowship of father and son.
    community of interest, feeling, etc.
    communion, as between members of the same church.
    an association of persons having similar tastes, interests, etc.
    a company, guild, or corporation.
    1. the body of fellows in a college or university.
    2. the position or emoluments of a fellow of a college or university, or the sum of money he or she receives.
    3. a foundation for the maintenance of a fellow in a college or university.
    verb (used with object), fellowshipped or fellowshiped, fellowshipping or fellowshiping.
    to admit to fellowship, especially religious fellowship.
    verb (used without object), fellowshipped or fellowshiped, fellowshipping or fellowshiping.
    to join in fellowship, especially religious fellowship.