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"Garden Meaning"

What is the meaning of Garden in English? What Garden means? How do you use the word Garden? What is another word for Garden? What is the opposite of Garden?

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Word Example of - Garden

Example Sentences for garden

He walked up and down, sometimes in the narrow room, sometimes in the garden.

"We're going to look for crocuses in the garden of the Queen of the Fairies," replied Furbush.

Indeed, I must insist on my dahlias, if I am to preserve the garden at all.

Instead, she fixed her eyes steadily on the bulging root of an elm in the garden.

He goes up through the garden and hears a voice at the hall door.

Sydney and Margaret were in the garden, consulting about its restoration.

Following him into the garden next morning, he said to himself: 'No irony—that's fatal.

She was dismissed to refresh herself with a turn in the garden.

It is situated at the extremity of the garden, and on the brow of a hill.

Just before sunset, a fair creature, clothed in white, came into the garden.

Word Origin & History of - Garden

    Word Origin & History

    garden c.1300, from O.N.Fr. gardin, from V.L. hortus gardinus "enclosed garden," via Frank. *gardo, from P.Gmc. *gardon (cf. O.Fris. garda, O.H.G. garto, Ger. Garten "garden," O.E. geard "enclosure," see yard (1)). The verb is first attested in 1570s. Related: Gardened; gardening. Garden variety in figurative sense first recorded 1928.

The Definition of - Garden (noun)

    a plot of ground, usually near a house, where flowers, shrubs, vegetables, fruits, or herbs are cultivated.
    a piece of ground or other space, commonly with ornamental plants, trees, etc., used as a park or other public recreation area:
    a public garden.
    a fertile and delightful spot or region.
    British. yard2 (def 1).
    pertaining to, produced in, or suitable for cultivation or use in a garden:
    fresh garden vegetables; garden furniture.
    verb (used without object)
    to lay out, cultivate, or tend a garden.
    verb (used with object)
    to cultivate as a garden.
    lead up / down the garden path, to deceive or mislead in an enticing way; lead on; delude:
    The voters had been led up the garden path too often to take a candidate's promises seriously.