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"Gardening Meaning"

What is the meaning of Gardening in English? What Gardening means? How do you use the word Gardening? What is another word for Gardening? What is the opposite of Gardening?

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Word Example of - Gardening

Example Sentences for gardening

He dropped his gardening implements—blessed his children—kissed them, and was hurried off, he knew not whither or wherefore!

The prime object of the gardening on it is to reduce this air to a minimum.

The garden was always a great place of resort, and gardening a favourite pastime.

At intervals, during his life, he had aided his father in the occupation of gardening.

In very recent years gardening has become an interest of importance, particularly in the province of Pinar del Rio.

Neatness, order, and care are principles of great moment in Gardening.

I accept the melon allegory, and will answer you in your own gardening terms: If you want melons, you must sow the seeds.

To-morrow I will give you a border for your own, and some plants for it, if you like gardening.

He took his gardening very seriously, and called it "feightin' t' Germans."

She turned to her gardening again, and Anna wandered off alone.

Word Origin & History of - Gardening

    Word Origin & History

    garden c.1300, from O.N.Fr. gardin, from V.L. hortus gardinus "enclosed garden," via Frank. *gardo, from P.Gmc. *gardon (cf. O.Fris. garda, O.H.G. garto, Ger. Garten "garden," O.E. geard "enclosure," see yard (1)). The verb is first attested in 1570s. Related: Gardened; gardening. Garden variety in figurative sense first recorded 1928.

The Definition of - Gardening (noun)

    the act of cultivating or tending a garden.
    the work or art of a gardener.