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"Germane Meaning"

What is the meaning of Germane in English? What Germane means? How do you use the word Germane? What is another word for Germane? What is the opposite of Germane?

Similar Words: germaneness, germanely, germane to

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Word Example of - Germane

Example Sentences for germane

Counsel: "I submit, Me Lud, that it is germane to my case that the prisoner's upbringing might have—"

We shall borrow some hints from it, germane to our present theme.

The Oriental heavens were wide enough to serve as fastnesses for two sets of hostile, germane, and ineffably poetic aberrations.

Some were germane to the matter in hand and some seemed to strike wide of all mark.

Then she picked up the letter, and after glancing through a page not germane to the matter, identified that which was.

I have introduced this point here because it is most fair and most germane.

Mr. Lawrence, of Ohio: Allow me to suggest that it is germane, for the reason that it relates to retirement from office.

"This woman has been sent to keep house for Maildun," said Germane.

It fell to the lot of Germane to go and examine it, and he did not think the task a pleasant one.

"This woman has certainly been sent to keep house for Maildun," said Germane.

Word Origin & History of - Germane

    Word Origin & History

    germane mid-14c., "having the same parents," derived from german (1); cf. human/humane, urban/urbane. Main modern sense of "closely connected, relevant" (c.1600) derives from use in "Hamlet" Act V, Scene ii: "The phrase would bee more Germaine to the matter: If we could carry Cannon by our sides," which is a fig. use of the word in the now-obsolete sense of "closely related, akin" (late 15c.) in reference to things, not persons.

The Definition of - Germane (adjective)

    closely or significantly related; relevant; pertinent:
    Please keep your statements germane to the issue.
    Obsolete. closely related.