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"Gratification Meaning"

What is the meaning of Gratification in English? What Gratification means? How do you use the word Gratification? What is another word for Gratification? What is the opposite of Gratification?

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Word Example of - Gratification

Example Sentences for gratification

I remember once calling out, with gratification and pride, "He loves me!"

There are desires that remain, when the gratification of them has become impossible.

Her face, though not handsome, was pleasing, and her dark eyes shone with gratification at the attention she attracted.

"Well," said Marco, with an expression of gratification at the proposal.

On the contrary, his passion for learning seemed to increase with the diminution of the time available for its gratification.

But there is a limit to this gratification, and it is hinted at by legal enactments.

Her most sincere admirers would hail with gratification any satisfactory evidence that the Heptameron was written by another hand.

The boys all clapped their hands, as the only means in their power to express their gratification.

Some sins have a seeming compensation or apology, a present gratification of some sort, but anger has none.

To my surprise as well as gratification she appeared more cheerful than usual.

Word Origin & History of - Gratification

    Word Origin & History of Gratification

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The Definition of - Gratification (noun)

    the state of being gratified; great satisfaction.
    something that gratifies; source of pleasure or satisfaction.
    the act of gratifying.
    Archaic. a reward, recompense, or gratuity.