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"Gruff Meaning"

What is the meaning of Gruff in English? What Gruff means? How do you use the word Gruff? What is another word for Gruff? What is the opposite of Gruff?

Similar Words: gruffs, gruffnesses, gruffness, gruffly, gruffish, gruffing, gruffiness, gruffily, gruffiest

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Word Example of - Gruff

Example Sentences for gruff

The voice in which he made this threat was gruff and aggressive.

"I want to say good-bye," he said in the gruff voice of embarrassment.

"I guess you'll excuse me if I ain't down there to stand around on the w'arf and see you go," she said, still trying to be gruff.

“A little faster, youngster,” urged Bogle, in a gruff voice.

He pushed it open, but a gruff voice inquired his business, and a burly figure blocked his way.

He's asking the gruff voiced fellow if he will have another bottle of wine.

Into his blunt manner had crept a certain awkwardness, his gruff voice had an anxious note at times and his eyes a hungry gleam.

He was probably a man of fifty; gruff in appearance, and unmistakably a bachelor.

"Hello, yourself," answered a gruff voice from the cloud above.

She did not see him till dinnertime, when he had a sullen headache, and was gruff and gloomy.

Word Origin & History of - Gruff

    Word Origin & History

    gruff 1533, from M.Du. or M.L.G. grof "coarse (in quality), thick, large" (cognate with O.E. hreof, O.N. hrjufr "rough, scabby"). Sense of "rough, surly" first recorded c.1690.

The Definition of - Gruff (adj)

    adjective, gruffer, gruffest.
    low and harsh; hoarse:
    a gruff voice.
    rough, brusque, or surly:
    a gruff manner.