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"Harming Meaning"

What is the meaning of Harming in English? What Harming means? How do you use the word Harming? What is another word for Harming? What is the opposite of Harming?

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Word Example of - Harming

Example Sentences for harming

I am not harming Miss Lawton, who has been my patronne, my one friend in this strange, big country.

I have nothing to conceal in my life, and certainly I have no idea of harming Daisy.

I shall soon be out of the way of harming you, and the rest will soon be far from here, please God!

The cook did as he was bid, and for two hours they fought, neither of them harming the other.

I couldn't risk even the remotest possibility of harming food plants in a hungry world.

"If I hear of your harming the boy I'll have you sent to jail," said Dick decidedly.

They can have no object in harming us, as we have not injured them.

Mind you, we're not out to do these people any harm, only to make sure they're not harming us.

The class, unaware that they were harming only themselves, were daily copying their sentences from each other.

And am I harming him, without knowing it, in keeping him here under my wing?

Word Origin & History of - Harming

    Word Origin & History

    harm O.E. hearm "hurt, evil, grief, pain, insult," from P.Gmc. *kharmaz (cf. O.N. harmr, O.Fris. herm, Ger. harm "grief, sorrow, harm"). The verb is from O.E. hearmian "to hurt," and ousted O.E. skeþþan "scathe" in all but a few senses.

The Definition of - Harming (verb)

    physical injury or mental damage; hurt:
    to do him bodily harm.
    moral injury; evil; wrong.
    verb (used with object)
    to do or cause harm to; injure; damage; hurt:
    to harm one's reputation.