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"Inclined Meaning"

What is the meaning of Inclined in English? What Inclined means? How do you use the word Inclined? What is another word for Inclined? What is the opposite of Inclined?

Similar Words: inclined planes, inclined plane

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Word Example of - Inclined

Example Sentences for inclined

Are you inclined to part with the cup that belonged to my namesake Plutarch?

I offered my hand and he took it; but I don't think he was inclined to weep at my departure.

Meleager had a soul that inclined to all beautiful and tender things.

I like to keep up the name, otherwise I'm inclined to give myself away.

Thinking things over now he was inclined to decide that it was not.

McDonald seemed to be inclined to think that it was a bull and that I ought to shoot.

You are not inclined to show the white feather now, are you?

His audience was inclined to limit him to the time when he could be pungent.

He was so softened, so penitent and earnest, that even the severe Mrs. Royden was inclined to forgive him.

I inclined myself, smiling, in a manner which might have meant—“How could that be possible?”

Word Origin & History of - Inclined

    Word Origin & History

    incline c.1300, "to bend or bow toward," from O.Fr. encliner, from L. inclinare "to cause to lean," from in- "in" + clinare "to bend," from PIE *klei-n-, suffixed form of *klei "to lean" (see lean (v.)). Metaphoric sense of "have a mental disposition toward" is early 15c. in English (but existed in classical Latin). The noun meaning "slant, slope" is attested from 1846.

The Definition of - Inclined (VA )

    deviating in direction from the horizontal or vertical; sloping.
    disposed; of a mind (usually followed by to):
    He was inclined to stay.
    having a physical tendency; leaning.
    tending in a direction that makes an angle with anything else.