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"Inconclusive Meaning"

What is the meaning of Inconclusive in English? What Inconclusive means? How do you use the word Inconclusive? What is another word for Inconclusive? What is the opposite of Inconclusive?

Similar Words: inconclusiveness, inconclusively, inconclusive evidences, inconclusive evidence

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Word Example of - Inconclusive

Example Sentences for inconclusive

We need not, however, spend much time on the well-worn but inconclusive arguments of the older critics.

His opening speech, tame and inconclusive, discouraged his own followers.

Gideon Whipple mercifully broke in while Harvey D. floundered upon an inconclusive period.

The evidence with which Mr. Randall fortifies his position is inconclusive.

He was interesting and inconclusive, and the original papers to which he referred her discursive were at best only suggestive.

But all this was inconclusive, for the reason that Mrs. Smiley was not fastened as she is now.

It is obvious à priori from this consideration how inconclusive must be the results of experiments such as these of Roietzky.

The circumstance, after all, is as inconclusive as the fact is immaterial.

Still, it must be remembered that even the most inconclusive facts, if sufficiently multiplied, yield a highly conclusive total.

My inconclusive data lend but little support to this possibility.

Word Origin & History of - Inconclusive

    Word Origin & History of Inconclusive

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The Definition of - Inconclusive (adj)

    not conclusive; not resolving fully all doubts or questions:
    inconclusive evidence.
    without final results or outcome:
    inconclusive experiments.