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"Incontrovertible Meaning"

What is the meaning of Incontrovertible in English? What Incontrovertible means? How do you use the word Incontrovertible? What is another word for Incontrovertible? What is the opposite of Incontrovertible?

Similar Words: incontrovertible evidences, incontrovertible evidence

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Word Example of - Incontrovertible

Example Sentences for incontrovertible

History, unless it is based on facts, incontrovertible facts, is worthless.

Nothing could be more just or incontrovertible than this claim.

The duration of the reigns in several dynasties is fairly well known from the incontrovertible evidence of contemporary monuments.

His reasoning was incontrovertible; but I damned his conclusions.

Every day that passed over the Sofala appeared to Sterne simply crammed full with proofs—with incontrovertible proofs.

“It is a sad but incontrovertible fact,” replied Mr Summers.

The word of a bishop and of the king were incontrovertible without an oath.

We think we have shown this fact by incontrovertible evidence.

The fact that any person bore such a mark was taken as incontrovertible proof that the bearer was a witch.

He knew by incontrovertible experiment that he could not do without her at all.

Word Origin & History of - Incontrovertible

    Word Origin & History of Incontrovertible

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The Definition of - Incontrovertible (adjective)

    not controvertible; not open to question or dispute; indisputable:
    absolute and incontrovertible truth.