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"Iniquity Meaning"

What is the meaning of Iniquity in English? What Iniquity means? How do you use the word Iniquity? What is another word for Iniquity? What is the opposite of Iniquity?

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Word Example of - Iniquity

Example Sentences for iniquity

From here we would issue in force to close for the night the various dens of iniquity.

You don't imagine that I would be guilty of such an iniquity?

There is no iniquity that has been so often visited with the immediate curse of God.

If he knew of all our iniquity why did he not publish it sooner?

Full then of iniquity, full of uncharitableness, full of all wickedness is this practice; and consequently full it is of folly.

This "rejoicing in iniquity" is the besetting sin of idle people.

Ralegh was penetrated with an acute and indignant consciousness of the iniquity of the Court intrigue from which he suffered.

It was not a new institution to him, as it had been to his companion in iniquity.

The shrieks and agony often witnessed on such occasions proclaim with a trumpet tongue, the iniquity of our system.

It was "conceived in mischief and brought forth in iniquity."

Word Origin & History of - Iniquity

    Word Origin & History

    iniquity c.1300, from O.Fr. iniquité, from L. iniquitatem (nom. iniquitas) "unequalness, injustice," noun of quality from iniquus "unjust, unequal," from in- "not" + æquus "just, equal." For vowel change, see acquisition.

The Definition of - Iniquity (noun)

    noun, plural iniquities.
    gross injustice or wickedness.
    a violation of right or duty; wicked act; sin.