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"Irregular Meaning"

What is the meaning of Irregular in English? What Irregular means? How do you use the word Irregular? What is another word for Irregular? What is the opposite of Irregular?

Similar Words: irregularness, irregularly, irregularize, irregularity, irregularities, irregularist, irregularism, irregular galaxy, irregular galaxies

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Word Example of - Irregular

Example Sentences for irregular

The lodges were arranged in two irregular circles, one within the other.

They should break the slopes and be irregular in size, shape, and distribution.

The streets of the town could not be more tortuous and irregular.

Its contents are brief, but written in a fine, irregular hand.

Wiegmann diversified as much as possible his mode of bringing about these irregular unions among plants.

It was irregular at the edges, looking in fact like a spatter of silver.

They had the sharpness to perceive it; and halting at several paces distance—formed a sort of irregular ring around me.

No eccentric or irregular motions were suffered to take place.

By this time the firing on our front had dwindled down to irregular skirmishing.

If only the cavity of the thorax is hydropic, the pulse is not quick nor irregular.

Word Origin & History of - Irregular

    Word Origin & History

    irregular late 14c., "not in conformity with Church rules," from O.Fr. irreguler (13c.), from M.L. irregularis, from in- "not" + L. regularis (see regular). General sense is from late 15c. Military sense of "a soldier not of the regular army" is from 1747.

The Definition of - Irregular (noun)

    without symmetry, even shape, formal arrangement, etc.:
    an irregular pattern.
    not characterized by any fixed principle, method, continuity, or rate:
    irregular intervals.
    not conforming to established rules, customs, etiquette, morality, etc.:
    highly irregular behavior.
    not according to rule, or to the accepted principle, method, course, order, etc.
    Grammar. not conforming to the prevalent pattern or patterns of formation, inflection, construction, etc., of a language; having a rule descriptive of a very small number of items:
    The English verbs “keep” and “see” are irregular in their inflections.
    Military. (formerly, of troops) not belonging to an organized group of the established forces.
    flawed, damaged, or failing to meet a specific standard of manufacture:
    a sale of irregular shirts.
    1. not uniform.
    2. (of a flower) having the members of some or all of its floral circles or whorls differing from one another in size or shape, or extent of union.
    deviating or experiencing deviations from a normally regular or cyclic body function, as bowel habits or menstruation.
    (of a stock or commodity market) of mixed market activity; showing no clear up or down trend.
    a person or thing that is irregular.
    Commerce. a product or material that does not meet specifications or standards of the manufacturer, as one having imperfections in its pattern.
    Military. a soldier or combatant not of a regular military force, as a guerrilla or partisan.