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"Logic Meaning"

What is the meaning of Logic in English? What Logic means? How do you use the word Logic? What is another word for Logic? What is the opposite of Logic?

Similar Words: logico-metaphysical, logicless, logicizing, logicizes, logicized, logicize, logicity, logicist, logicism

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Word Example of - Logic

Word Example of Logic

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Word Origin & History of - Logic

    Word Origin & History of Logic

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The Definition of - Logic (noun)

    the science that investigates the principles governing correct or reliable inference.
    a particular method of reasoning or argumentation:
    We were unable to follow his logic.
    the system or principles of reasoning applicable to any branch of knowledge or study.
    reason or sound judgment, as in utterances or actions:
    There wasn't much logic in her move.
    convincing forcefulness; inexorable truth or persuasiveness:
    the irresistible logic of the facts.
    Computers. logic circuit.