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"Remove Meaning"

What is the meaning of Remove in English? What Remove means? How do you use the word Remove? What is another word for Remove? What is the opposite of Remove?

Similar Words: removes from office, removes errors, removes cargo, removes, removers, remover, removement, removeless, removedness

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Word Example of - Remove

Word Example of Remove

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Word Origin & History of - Remove

    Word Origin & History of Remove

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The Definition of - Remove (verb)

    verb (used with object), removed, removing.
    to move from a place or position; take away or off:
    to remove the napkins from the table.
    to take off or shed (an article of clothing):
    to remove one's jacket.
    to move or shift to another place or position; transfer:
    She removed the painting to another wall.
    to put out; send away:
    to remove a tenant.
    to dismiss or force from a position or office; discharge:
    They removed him for embezzling.
    to take away, withdraw, or eliminate:
    to remove the threat of danger.
    to get rid of; do away with; put an end to:
    to remove a stain; to remove the source of disease.
    to kill; assassinate.
    verb (used without object), removed, removing.
    to move from one place to another, especially to another locality or residence:
    We remove to Newport early in July.
    to go away; depart; disappear.
    the act of removing.
    a removal from one place, as of residence, to another.
    the distance by which one person, place, or thing is separated from another:
    to see something at a remove.
    a mental distance from the reality of something as a result of psychological detachment or lack of experience:
    to criticize something at a remove.
    a degree of difference, as that due to descent, transmission, etc.:
    a folk survival, at many removes, of a druidic rite.
    a step or degree, as in a graded scale.
    British. a promotion of a pupil to a higher class or division at school.