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"Tell Meaning"

What is the meaning of Tell in English? What Tell means? How do you use the word Tell? What is another word for Tell? What is the opposite of Tell?

Similar Words: telly, telluses, tellus, tellurous, telluronium, tellurometer, tellurizing, tellurized, tellurize

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Word Example of - Tell

Word Example of Tell

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Word Origin & History of - Tell

    Word Origin & History of Tell

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The Definition of - Tell (verb)

    verb (used with object), told, telling.
    to give an account or narrative of; narrate; relate (a story, tale, etc.):
    to tell the story of Lincoln's childhood.
    to make known by speech or writing (a fact, news, information, etc.); communicate.
    to announce or proclaim.
    to utter (the truth, a lie, etc.).
    to express in words (thoughts, feelings, etc.).
    to reveal or divulge (something secret or private).
    to say plainly or positively:
    I cannot tell just what was done.
    to discern or recognize (a distant person or thing) so as to be able to identify or describe:
    Can you tell who that is over there?
    to distinguish; discriminate; ascertain:
    You could hardly tell the difference between them.
    to inform (a person) of something:
    He told me his name.
    to assure emphatically:
    I won't, I tell you!
    to bid, order, or command:
    Tell him to stop.
    to mention one after another, as in enumerating; count or set one by one or in exact amount:
    to tell the cattle in a herd; All told there were 17 if we are correct.
    verb (used without object), told, telling.
    to give an account or report:
    Tell me about your trip.
    to give evidence or be an indication:
    The ruined temples told of an ancient culture, long since passed from existence.
    to disclose something secret or private; inform; tattle:
    She knows who did it, but she won't tell.
    to say positively; determine; predict:
    Who can tell?
    to have force or effect; operate effectively:
    a contest in which every stroke tells.
    to produce a marked or severe effect:
    The strain was telling on his health.
    British Dialect. to talk or chat.
    Verb phrases
    tell off,
    1. to separate from the whole and assign to a particular duty.
    2. Informal. to rebuke severely; scold:
      It was about time that someone told him off.
    tell on, to tattle on (someone).
    tell it like it is, Informal. to tell the complete, unadulterated truth; be forthright:
    He may be crude but he tells it like it is.