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Word Example of - abhorrence

Example Sentences for abhorrence

Have I beheld sin with an abhorrence far greater than the delight it ever gave me?

But these extreme opinions were generally held in abhorrence.

Let it not however be supposed that I endured it without repining and abhorrence.

I want to make my abhorrence of high French heels as strong as I can.

I laughed, but Mr. Desmond received the explanation solemnly, and expressed his abhorrence for “the weed.”

It is an imputation he must repel with abhorrence and wrath.

I used to express my abhorrence of it to a priest whom I met with.

Prodigies were not to his taste, and a girl prodigy would be an abhorrence.

Make it a Unit, on the other hand, and worship and abhorrence are equally one-sided and equally legitimate reactions.

There was accusation, denunciation, abhorrence in the cashier's gaze.

Word Origin & History of - abhorrence

    Word Origin & History of - abhorrence

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