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"abortion Meaning"

What is the meaning of abortion in English? What abortion means? How do you use the word abortion? What is another word for abortion? What is the opposite of abortion?

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Word Example of - abortion

Example Sentences for abortion

When an abortion (or miscarriage) takes place by itself, without any outside aid, we call it spontaneous abortion.

Abortion and infanticide are two customs which have the same character and purpose.

My mother, in the eighth month, was accidentally frightened, which caused an abortion.

Abortion is practiced throughout Hungary by women of all the nationalities.

It was put away with another on the same subject, and inscribed "Romanes on Abortion, with my answer (very important)."

Abortion of the ovules is considered by the same authority to be due to—1.

Abortion may also be followed by the same accidents, as flooding, retention of the placenta, and leucorrhea.

And he had arrived at what he called the hypothesis of the abortion of cells.

Abortion was not unusual, and was procured by taking a decoction of certain herbs; the crime was nevertheless punished with death.

Some trees are without fruit through the abortion of the pistils.

Word Origin & History of - abortion

    Word Origin & History

    abortion 1540s, from L. abortionem (nom. abortio) "miscarriage, abortion," from abortus, pp. of aboriri (see abortive). Originally of both deliberate and unintended miscarriages; in 19c. some effort was made to distinguish abortion "expulsion of the fetus between 6 weeks and 6 months" from miscarriage (the same within 6 weeks of conception) and premature labor (delivery after 6 months but before due time). This broke down as abortion came to be used principally for intentional miscarriages. Foeticide (v.) appears 1844 as a medical term for deliberate premature explusion of the fetus. Abortion was ...a taboo word for much of early 20c., disguised in print as criminal operation (U.S.) or illegal operation (U.K.), and replaced by miscarriage in film versions of novels. Abortionist is recorded by 1872.

The Synonym of - abortion (noun)

The Definition of - abortion (noun)

    Also called voluntary abortion. the removal of an embryo or fetus from the uterus in order to end a pregnancy.
    any of various surgical methods for terminating a pregnancy, especially during the first six months.
    Also called spontaneous abortion. miscarriage (def 1).
    an immature and nonviable fetus.
    abortus (def 2).
    any malformed or monstrous person, thing, etc.
    Biology. the arrested development of an embryo or an organ at a more or less early stage.
    the stopping of an illness, infection, etc., at a very early stage.
    1. shambles; mess.
    2. anything that fails to develop, progress, or mature, as a design or project.