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Word Example of - absurd

Example Sentences for absurd

The absurd name "dog" having been given on account of its "bark."

A new fashion of dress seems at first to be absurd, ungraceful, or indecent.

One might think that she was frightened, but with him—that was absurd.

It may then be found that they are gross, absurd, or inexpedient.

Having gone so far into the scheme, it was absurd to let a trifle stop me.

Legislation against it is as absurd and futile as a movement to stop the tides.

From the time of its foundation down to the present century the name of Jena stood for all that was wild, absurd, and outrageous.

I am absurd, and have been so for very many years, and in very many ways.

I wish, however, they would leave those stones behind, for even the carriers laugh at the absurd idea of carrying an 80lb.

I am not brilliant, and therefore I have no wish to be absurd.

Word Origin & History of - absurd

    Word Origin & History

    absurd 1550s, from Fr. absurde, from L. absurdus "out of tune, foolish" (see absurdity).

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