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Word Example of - accidence

Example Sentences for accidence

The changes of accidence are less frequent than those of syntax, yet such occur.

Examples in Syntax, Accidence, and Style, for criticism and correction.

The Phonology is followed by an Accidence, which discusses the peculiarities of dialect grammar.

At eight years of age he was taught his accidence by a priest.

This will be done by memorizing the rules of accidence and derivation.

What is Greek accidence, compared to Spartan discipline, if it can be had?

The Accidence was entitled, Coleti Editio un cum quibusdam, &c.

My poor lighter-boy, that hath mastered the rudiments, and triumphed over the Accidence—but to die!

But he also wrote a Latin grammar of his own, Cheever's Accidence, which had unvarying popularity for over a century.

Tell him I hope to hear a good account of his accidence and nomenclature when I return.

Word Origin & History of - accidence

    Word Origin & History

    accidence "part of grammar dealing with inflection," c.1500, from misspelling of accidents, from L. accidentia (used as a term in grammar by Quintilian), neut. pl. of accidens, prp. of accidere (see accident). So called because they change in accordance with use.

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The Definition of - accidence (noun)

    the rudiments or essentials of a subject.
    1. the study of inflection as a grammatical device.
    2. the inflections so studied.