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"acidity Meaning"

What is the meaning of acidity in English? What acidity means? How do you use the word acidity? What is another word for acidity? What is the opposite of acidity?

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Word Example of - acidity

Example Sentences for acidity

The acidity of the tone was so pronounced that Mrs. Carradyne, seated near and busy at her netting, lifted her head in surprise.

The lime-water is for the purpose of correcting the acidity of the milk.

From that time, the moisture must be regulated in proportion to the acidity.

She would appreciate this; not a spice of acidity in a dozen.

The following morning, add teaspoonful of baking soda, dissolved in a little warm water, to counteract any acidity of batter.

They were only wild apples, but even their acidity did not prevent them from being agreeable.

Put in sugar to your taste; it is impossible to make a precise rule, because apples vary so much in acidity.

This will remove the acidity, and improve the bread in lightness.

When the acidity is tempered with age, the coffee can be drunk "straight" which can not be done with many other growths.

Sugar must be added according to the acidity of the fruit used.

Word Origin & History of - acidity

    Word Origin & History of acidity

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The Definition of - acidity (noun)

    the quality or state of being acid.
    sourness; tartness.
    excessive acid quality, as of the gastric juice.