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"acne Meaning"

What is the meaning of acne in English? What acne means? How do you use the word acne? What is another word for acne? What is the opposite of acne?

Similar Words: acnemia, acneiform, acneform, acned

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Word Example of - acne

Example Sentences for acne

Does the eruption in acne disappear without leaving a trace?

In what respect does the pustular syphiloderm differ from acne?

Acne, a skin disease showing hard reddish pimples; Acne rosacea, a congestion of the skin of the nose and parts adjoining.

The latter is frequently associated with acne (acne rosacea).

All however were well nourished, and their functions, save that of the skin (five had acne and one ichthyosis) well performed.

In this form of acne the black spots should be picked out with a needle or a small pair of33 tweezers.

It is useful also locally in rheumatic affections as a resolvent and anodyne, in acne, and as a parasiticide.

The greeter had acne and a pair of tights that showed off his skinny knock-knees.

In such cases, if resorcin preparations also fail, the mercurial lotion and ointment employed in acne may be prescribed.

Several cases of acne resembling that caused by Bromide of Potassium, cured.

Word Origin & History of - acne

    Word Origin & History

    acne 1835, from Mod.L., from aknas, a 6c. L. misreading of Gk. akmas, acc. pl. of akme "point" (see acme). The "pointed" pimples are the source of the medical use.

The Definition of - acne (noun)

    noun, Pathology.
    an inflammatory disease of the sebaceous glands, characterized by comedones and pimples, especially on the face, back, and chest, and, in severe cases, by cysts and nodules resulting in scarring.