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Word Example of - actuary

Example Sentences for actuary

A depositor lodged money with me, said the actuary; I entered it in the pass-book, but not in the receipt-book.

Assuredly, they who plan picnics are not animated by the spirit of an actuary.

He was unable to do more, however, than confide his suspicions to the actuary of the Reading bank, and to request his opinion.

The judge beckoned to the actuary and ordered him to read the indictment.

The actuary of the Rugby bank committed his frauds in the same way.

The sum to be given would be named without difficulty by an actuary.

An actuary will tell you that I am likely to outlive Colonel Cowles.

Where is the actuary who can appraise the value of a man's opinions?

He finally became an actuary at London and was prominent in radical associations.

When it came his time to loosen up he never referred the waiter to an actuary.

Word Origin & History of - actuary

    Word Origin & History

    actuary 1550s, "registrar, clerk," from L. actuarius "copyist, account-keeper," from actus "public business" (see act). Modern insurance office meaning first recorded 1849. Related: Actuarial (1869).

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The Definition of - actuary (noun)

    noun, plural actuaries.
    Insurance. a person who computes premium rates, dividends, risks, etc., according to probabilities based on statistical records.
    (formerly) a registrar or clerk.