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Word Example of - adder

Example Sentences for adder

And swift as an adder Muldoon kicked him just below the knee cap.

Supporters,—not captives nor victims; the Cockatrice and Adder.

In the majority of viper or adder bites the constitutional disturbance is slight and transient, if it appears at all.

The adder (nieder or nether snake) saying that he is mud, and will be mud.

Now it was an adder coiled up in the warm sunshine on a little dry bare clump among some dead furze.

Saxham started as though an adder had flashed its fangs through his boot.

Adder saw him some days back in a brown consultation near his club with Captain May.

And who was like to think, till he did see, what an adder the King nursed in his bosom?

It is the double-distilled extract of nux vomica, ratsbane, and adder's tongue.

She sprung up as if an adder had stung her, and jumped away from him.

Word Origin & History of - adder

    Word Origin & History

    adder O.E. næddre "a snake," from W.Gmc. *nædro "a snake" (cf. O.N. naðra, M.Du. nadre, Ger. Natter, Goth. nadrs), from PIE base *netr- (cf. L. natrix "water snake," probably by folk-association with nare "to swim;" O.Ir. nathir, Welsh neidr "adder"). The modern form represents a faulty separation 14c.-16c. into an adder, for which see also apron, auger, nickname, humble pie, umpire. Nedder is still a northern Eng. dialect form. Folklore connection with deafness is via Psalm lviii.1-5. The adder is said to stop up its ears to avoid hearing the snake charmer called in to drive it ...away, though whether this tradition can account for the O.T. reference I cannot say. Adder-bolt (late 15c.) was a former name for "dragonfly."

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