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What is the meaning of afro in English? What afro means? How do you use the word afro? What is another word for afro? What is the opposite of afro?

Similar Words: afros, afrormosias, afrormosia, afront, afrogaean, afrogaea, afroasiatic, afroamericans, afroamerican

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Word Example of - afro

Example Sentences for afro

He may have it of scarlet, if he is fond of ornament, of webbing bis Afro murice tincta, or of scarlet and gold if he likes.

Word Origin & History of - afro

    Word Origin & History

    Afro "full, bushy hairstyle as worn by some blacks," 1938, from Afro-, comb. form of African. As a general adj. for black styles of clothing, music, etc., it is attested from 1966.

The Synonym of - afro (noun)

The Definition of - afro (noun)

    of or relating to Afro-Americans or to black traditions, culture, etc.:
    Afro societies; Afro hair styles.
    noun, plural Afros.
    a hair style originating with black persons, in which the hair is allowed to grow naturally and to acquire a bushy appearance.