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Word Example of - agnate

Example Sentences for agnate

When the father died, the nearest male of kin, even though declared unqualified as an agnate, came in as guardian.

Failing an agnate, a member of the gens of the dead man is to inherit.

(a) If a free person is abducted, the fine shall be divided equally between his agnate and cognate heirs and the treasury.

A man may not marry the widow of his brother, or of an agnate.

In Korea, for instance, he can only adopt an agnate and one of a lower generation than his own.

Word Origin & History of - agnate

    Word Origin & History of agnate

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The Synonym of - agnate (adj)

The Definition of - agnate (adj)

    a relative whose connection is traceable exclusively through males.
    any male relation on the father's side.
    related or akin through males or on the father's side.
    allied or akin.