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Word Example of - alkali

Example Sentences for alkali

A man would die of alkali in this place before he's waited on.

An alkali procured by burning Salsola kali and other sea-shore plants.

The soda carbonate may also be added to soap as a solution of soda ash (58° alkali) either concentrated, 62° Tw.

Water removes the whole of the alkali, but alcohol only removes one half.

It dissolves in an excess of alkali to form plumbites of the general formula Pb(OM)2.

The day had been long, and the alkali lay light on the desert.

Lemonades an acid, and it needs an alkali to take it out, declared Frank.

His face was yellowing again, under the blister of sun and alkali.

Iron is precipitated from this solution by the Prussian alkali.

Neither did I put any sal-soda, or other acid or alkali, into my bread.

Word Origin & History of - alkali

    Word Origin & History

    alkali late 14c., "soda ash," from M.L. alkali, from Arabic al-qili "the ashes" (of saltwort, a plant growing in alkaline soils), from qala "to roast in a pan." The modern chemistry sense is from 1813.

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