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Word Example of - alum

Example Sentences for alum

Astringent fomentations; as an infusion of oak-bark, or a slight solution of alum.

Of these the alum powders are the most harmful and should be avoided.

The sands here show some fine colouring which reminds us of the more celebrated sands of Alum Bay.

It has been sometimes found that the alum was put in at the mill instead of the bakery.

Dissolve half a pound of alum in two quarts of boiling water; then add two gallons of pure cold water.

He had done his best with alum and apology, as he was now doing.

A curious description is given of the Duke of Buckingham's alum works near Whitby.

This alum bath, remember, is only to be applied when you are reducing the carbon or fat.

When there is reason to suspect that bread is adulterated with alum, it may be detected thus.

Alum is a great drier, and causes that thirst which some beer occasions; so that the more you drink of it, the more you want.

Word Origin & History of - alum

    Word Origin & History

    alum early 14c., "whitish mineral salt used as an astringent, dye, etc.," from O.Fr. alum, from L. alumen "alum," lit. "bitter salt," cognate with Gk. aludoimos "bitter" and Eng. ale.

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