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Word Example of - anger

Example Sentences for anger

But great was Hatteras's anger at finding the way to the north closed!

They dwarfed the cause of her anger; they left her calm and serene, a cousin to the Superwoman.

The anger had ebbed from Dan's brain, although his attitude had not relaxed.

She was quivering still with anger and she did not answer him.

Al's anger and contempt were so great that he had lost all sense of discretion.

It was Father Pat's voice, lacking breath, but deep with anger.

Chavignis dignity, like his prudence, became lost in his anger.

He found the old man agitated, and almost crying with anger and vexation.

When she realized the significance of our words, she gave way to a frenzy of anger.

Captain Candage knew it, and that fact did not soften his anger in the least.

Word Origin & History of - anger

    Word Origin & History

    anger c.1200, from O.N. angra "to grieve, vex;" the noun is mid-13c., from O.N. angr "distress, grief, affliction," from P.Gmc. *angus (cf. O.E. enge "narrow, painful," M.Du. enghe, Goth. aggwus "narrow"), from PIE base *angh- "stretch round, tight, painfully constricted, painful" (cf. Skt. amhu- "narrow," amhah "anguish;" Armenian anjuk "narrow;" Lith. ankstas "narrow;" Gk. ankhein "to squeeze," ankhone "a strangling;" L. angere "to throttle, torment;" O.Ir. cum-ang "straitness, want"). In M.E., also of physical pain.

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