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Word Example of - animal

Example Sentences for animal

His name was Arrogante, and he was an animal of prodigious power.

Theeka he run, get pretty close, see this animal is elephant.

With the lithe, easy motions of the animal after which he was named, the Indian rose.

He urged the beast to full speed, forcing the animal to the top of the wall and over.

He evidently did not know the speed of the animal I was mounted on, or my temper.

I got my books out, and read him up with the animal before me.

The animal fell to its knees, struggled for a moment, and fell backward.

The order was obeyed, and the cutter came to a stop when near the animal.

This animal turned out to be a little mouse-deer, or dik-dik.

The chief peculiarity of the animal is its lack of a dewlap.

Word Origin & History of - animal

    Word Origin & History

    animal late 14c. (but rare before end of 16c., and not in K.J.V.), from L. animale "living being, being which breathes," neut. of animalis "living, of air," from anima "breath, soul" (see animus). Drove out the older beast in common usage. Used of brutish humans from 1580s. As an adj., attested from 1540s; animal rights is attested from 1879; animal liberation from 1973. Animal magnetism originally (1784) referred to mesmerism (q.v.). Animalism "the doctrine that man is a mere animal" is from 1857.

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