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Word Example of - ants

Example Sentences for ants

At last he said to himself: 'Men are sociable creatures, like bees or ants.

There it lay dead—a proof at least that there were no ants in the room.

The life of ants, as well as that of bees, as far as we are concerned, is an unintelligible enigma.

The ants were found in the warm grass and on the warm rocks adjacent.

These discoveries explain some hitherto inexplicable phenomena in the domestic economy of the ants.

I trust that you continue your most interesting investigations on ants.

Without special orders they would rather leave the ants alone.

The red puddles about them were covered with flies; ants were crawling over their faces.

If one looked from heaven, would there be any marked difference between the procedures of men and of ants?

We were to go to the ants to learn wisdom—and I had got the queen!

Word Origin & History of - ants

    Word Origin & History of - ants

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